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AVERY - Button Down Overall Sewing Pattern

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A button-down overall sewing pattern is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. The long-sleeve, tapered-leg cut is both sophisticated and sultry, and sewn in a lustrous satin fabric will add a touch of luxury to your...


A button-down overall sewing pattern is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. The long-sleeve, tapered-leg cut is both sophisticated and sultry, and sewn in a lustrous satin fabric will add a touch of luxury to your ensemble. Whether you're headed to a party or a meeting, this jumpsuit will make you feel confident and stylish. The best part? You can wear it again and again, thanks to its timeless silhouette.

Avery Overall Sewing Pattern Overview

Sometimes looking sensational only requires one piece. Make your mark sewing and wearing this Jumpsuit pattern and style your casual look. If you are looking for a jumpsuit that fits both in the evening and during the day, now you have found it! The light cut and the highlighted waist makes the jumpsuit one of your favorites.

Sewing Level

The Avery digital sewing pattern is great for an advanced skilled sewing enthusiast

What Do You Get Inside Our PDF Pattern

  • A printable PDF pattern format (You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to open the PDF files)
  • Measurement sheet and size chart
  • Detailed Instructions on how to cut and sew your pattern
  • Assembling the pattern pieces
  • Step by Step Instructions with Illustrations
  • Available in sizes 2-14 US and 34-46 EU
  • A4 and Letter format for printing at home
  • A0 for printing at the copy center on A0 paper rolls
  • Projector files for projecting the patterns directly onto the fabric using the home projector

You can immediately access the sewing patterns we offer, so you can start right away. You will receive the pattern as a digital file, not as a paper copy.


Sewing Your Perfect Size Overall Pattern

Get your jumpsuit sewn today and take your style up another notch before summer even starts- no one will be able to resist you in this gorgeous garment!

You'll need:

  • Your sewing pattern
  • Preferred fabric
  • Color matching thread
  • interlining
  • 13 buttons/metal snaps
  • Sewing machine

Seam Allowances

  • 1 cm seam

Fabric Suggestion:

a light weight or medium weight woven fabric such as satin, viscose, cotton, linen

How much fabric do you need for your DIY jumpsuit overall?

Your fabric requirements depend on its width. Following is a table that shows fabric quantities for each size based on fabric widths of 140-150cm. When working with different widths or designs of fabric (e.g., stripes, plaids), you will need to adjust the placing of the pieces.

Check your contraction!

Fabric shrinkage has the potential to ruin your garments. Prior to cutting your pieces, you should know how much fabric is likely to shrink. In order to accomplish this, iron steam the raw material at its maximum recommended temperature. Otherwise, washing may affect your garment's size

How To Sew It

Sewing A Jumpsuit - Instructions

  • Apply interlining on the collar (piece5), sleeve cuffs (piece 13), pants cuffs (piece 15), button stand(piece 6) and belt (piece 8)
  • At the collars (piece 5), bend 1cm inwards of one of the pieces and iron (the seam allowance of the edge that is sewn on the inside). The 2 parts of the collars are placed good sides together and sewn together along the front and top edge of the collars. The seam allowance is cut narrow and then the collar is turned and ironed.
  • Sew the sleeve cuffs (piece 13), carefully cut narrow the seam allowance, turn them over and iron
  • Sew the bust darts and iron them
  • Overlock the top seam allowance of the bodice pockets (piece 7), bend inwards according to the notches and sew with a topstitch. Preform the bodice pockets by bending and ironing the seam allowance inwards according to the patterns.
  • Apply the pockets on the bodice, according to the markings on the pattern
  • sew the back yoke pieces with the back bodice,( good sides together - outer yoke and back bodice , and good side inner yoke and bad side back bodice) by putting the back bodice between the 2 yokes. Iron the seam and topstitch at 0.5 cm from the seam
  • Sew the shoulders, iron the seam and overlock
  • Sew the side seam of the bodice, good sides together, iron and overlock the seam
  • Apply the sleeve bias tape on the sleeve vent (piece14) according to the markings on the pattern.
  • Sew the side seam of the sleeves (piece 4), overlock and iron
  • Apply the cuffs on the sleeve
  • Sew the sleeves on the armholes, good sides together, taking care to match the notches. Iron and overlock the seam
  • Take the pants pocket pieces and sew them, good sides together (pieces 9+10). Overlock the seams and iron
  • On the opening of the pocket of the front pants (piece 11), apply a strip of reinforcing thread so that it does not stretch (you can also use a thin stripe of interlining). Place the pocket and sew at 1 cm, good sides together. Turn the pocket over, iron it and topstitch it to 0.5 cm
  • secure the pockets with a 0.5 cm topstich on the top and sides of the pants
  • sew the center front seam by placing the front pants good side together (piece 11). iron and overlock the seam
  • sew the center back seam by placing the back pants together (piece 12). Iron and overlock the seam.
  • Overlock the sides of the pants separately
  • Sew the side seam of the pants, from the waist until the vent notch, taking care to meet the notches. Iron the seam open and sew a topstitch on the vent area, at 0.5-0.8 cm, catching the seam allowance.
  • Sew the inner seam of the pants, taking care to meet the notches. Overlock and iron the seam.
  • Sew the pants cuffs, good sides together, taking care to create a small overlapping edge (for the button). Start sewing from the notch on the top part. Turn the cuffs inside out and iron the final cuff.
  • Gather the lower part of the pants, so that will fit in the cuffs. Sew the pants with the outer part of the cuff, good sides together. Sew a topstitch at 0.5 cm so that it will catch the inner cuff in the seam
  • Sew the bodice with the pants on the waist, good sides together. Overlock and iron the seam. On the back part of the waist seam, apply a 18 cm long elastic on the seam allowance, between the 2 notches.
  • Take the button stand pieces and iron them in half, longwise. Iron 1 cm inwards the seam allowance of the part that goes under.
  • Apply the button stand on the center front of the jumpsuit, good sides together, taking care to meet the notches. Carefully cut the corner of the seam, taking care not to pass the seam. Sew a topstitch at 0.5 cm on the front, catching the inner part in the seam also.
  • Overlap the 2 button stands and secure them with a seam on the bottom, adding the bottom of the bodice also. overlock and iron the seam.
  • The outer collar is sewn on the edge of the neckline, good sides together. The inner collar is hand stitched on the seam. From the front, sew a topstitch at 0.4 cm so that the inner collar is caught in the seam
  • Sew the belt and attach it with a little topstitch on the center back of the jumpsuit

Sewing is a great way to get creative, and we know you'll love it!

Patterns give sewing projects a sense of direction and they are still one the most popular ways to create clothing today! People rely on them because it allows them complete control over how their garment will look when completed without having any guesswork involved in cutting out pieces or dealing with complicated patterns that can be hard if you don't know what you are doing but there is also something satisfying about knowing exactly where every piece goes which makes this process easier overall.

Why not have some fun by experimenting with sewing patterns? We offer a wide selection of different types, so go ahead and experiment. Wear your new creations proudly in order to showcase what you can do!

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Size chart

Terms of use

This digital pattern is for personal use only. No part of the pattern can be shared, reproduced, or resold in any format. Thank you so much!

**Due to the electronic nature of this pattern, refunds and exchanges are not accepted. If you have problems or questions, feel free to contact me via message

        AVERY - Button Down Overall Sewing Pattern

        AVERY - Button Down Overall Sewing Pattern