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Frequent questions

How do I place an order?
To place an order, you must create an account or place it without registering as a guest. You will receive an account confirmation email, then you can shop on georgettepatterns.com
If you found a product you like, click the "Add to cart" button. In the confirmation message that appears on the screen after adding the product, you have two options: Cart view, or Order completion.
If you choose the first option, you will be directed to the shopping cart, where you can edit / delete the added products, and you can choose the payment method. If you press the End Order button, you will start the order placement process.

How do I pay for the ordered products?
We accept payment by credit or debit card.

When do I receive the products?
For digital products - after confirmation of payment you can immediately download the purchased file through the links displayed in the email received or from the login account of our store.

Can I cancel an order?
Due to the nature of the digital product there are no returns or exchanges of models. By downloading the digital model you have selected, you agree to these terms and conditions, namely that you can no longer cancel the order or request a refund of the digital goods.

Can I sell the purchased patterns?
NO. You can use the patterns purchased from our site for personal use, for commercial use of finished products, you can produce as many items as you want and sell them in any quantity, but you have no right to resell the pattern purchased from us or distribute it for free .
All patterns in the store are royalty-free, meaning you pay only once in exchange for the right to use an unlimited pattern. Each purchase contains a license that allows you to use the pattern or instructions for personal production, charity, small production or industrial production, to sell finished products made with our patterns but prevents you from making changes for sale to another entity, or as after changes to sell it being your pattern.

What is the height of the model for which the pattern is built?
Our patterns are designed for women who have a height of 169 cm