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Return policy


Due to the nature of the digital product there are no returns or exchanges of models. By downloading the digital model you have selected, you agree to these terms and conditions, namely that you can no longer cancel the order or request a refund of the digital goods.
The pattern is provided "as is". We always aim to offer quality services and we will send you patterns as complete as possible, so that the clothing made with our patterns is impeccable.

Remember that the final appearance of a clothing product depends on the material chosen as well as the experience and capabilities of the one who sews it and this cannot be considered a reason for refunding the order. Each model is tested and verified to make sure you get the best product possible.
When you order a custom pattern or purchase it from our store, it is your responsibility to do a pre-production test to check if the pattern is compatible with the fabric used and the pattern you want.

When ordering or buying graded models it is your responsibility to make at least one sample of each size before production, to ensure that the model is correct, the pattern fits each size well. We do not accept any complaint after the material has been cut, sewn or finished in production. We do not assume any responsibility for any kind of financial loss by using our patterns, loss such as the value of the fabric and accessories, manufacturing cost, delivery delays, lack of sale, etc.

In case of errors on our part, we take measures to fix them, limiting ourselves only to digital or constructive errors (wrong patterns) at our expense. You are entitled to a compensatory amount, but not higher than the value of the digital product purchased and only if we cannot fix this error.