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SPACE - Palazzo Pants Pattern

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Work the season's must-have extra wide-leg silhouette sewing and wearing this palazzo pants pattern. If you want to learn how to sew these pants yourself, keep reading below! We are going to share with you everything you need to make...


Work the season's must-have extra wide-leg silhouette sewing and wearing this palazzo pants pattern. If you want to learn how to sew these pants yourself, keep reading below! We are going to share with you everything you need to make your own pair of palazzo pant. 

Make your everyday vogue with this palazzo pants sewing pattern

Palazzo pants are not only popular, but also timeless. Easy to wear and match, they are perfect for almost any occasion. Widely versatile, they can be worn in a variety of outfits. To achieve a unique look and look effortlessly put together, try pairing your palazzo pants with light fabrics tops. Cropped, halter, patterned, ruffled or the classic off-shoulder top, or why not, a bodysuit! Trying to achieve a more formal look? Suit up! And team with high heels for a high end appearance.

Styling tip: Palazzo pants naturally make you look taller as they elongate your legs. But if you are petite opt for a high waisted palazzo pant and ensure to tuck in the shirt for an added visual effect.

This pattern is one that suits all body shapes and sizes so go ahead and become the creator of your own style.

Crafted for style and comfort: a palazzo pants pattern to sew over and over again

With so many different suitable materials available, you can make your palazzo pants unique and bespoke. Explore your creativity, experiment with different fabrics, colors, shapes and volumes, achieve different versions of the same pants and add the finishing touches to make your piece truly distinctive.

Take full advantage of sewing your own and make our wide leg palazzo pants pattern! Just like the rest of our pants patterns, each package comes with a detailed PDF guide in English and a video sewing tutorial for dressmakers who want easy to follow step-by-step instructions with specific details too. From tips on the tools and materials to use to easy-to-understand measuring charts, you really can't go wrong. Moreover, our sewing patterns are always downloadable, so you can start fresh if necessary 

More Of What's Inside Our Diy Palazzo Pants Pattern:

  • A printable PDF pattern format
  • Understanding the measurement sheet and choosing your size
  • How to print, prepare and cut your sewing pattern guide
  • Size choices in the range of 2-122 (US) / 34-54 (EU)
  • Step-By-Step Written Instructions with Illustrations
  • A4, A0, Letter (for copy shop printing)   and Projector Format

Sitting high on the waist, they are finished with side pockets on pant leg and have deep front and back pleats.

Palazzo pants flare out evenly from the waist to the ankle

woman in palazzo pants


How To Make A Palazzo Pant

Let's get right to work on a new pair of flowy and super-flattering pants! You'll need a few essentials and you're ready to go. Keep scrolling to learn how to assemble this loose pants sewing pattern.

Supplies you will need:

  • Space Palazzo PDF pattern
  • Fabric
  • Interlining
  • 16cm zip
  • 1 button
  • Sewing machine feet - generic, zipper and buttonhole

Recommended Fabrics:

Light weight or medium weight woven fabric, suitable for pants. For instance, we made our sample out of crepe. But linen would be a great option too. Or maybe rayon.

How much fabric do you need for your DIY pants?

The following table shows the amount of fabric needed for each size. While this is estimated for 140-150 cm wide fabrics, other widths and different designs like stripes, plaids etc will require you to adjust the placement of the patterns on your fabric accordingly to its width.

Check your contraction!

Test your fabric for contraction before cutting by steaming the raw material on its maximum heat limit. This way your finished garment will remain true to its sewn size and won't shrink after first wash.

Sewing instructions

Palazzo Pants Pattern Sewing Instructions

Inserting the pleats

  • Using the pattern, copy the pleat marks on the wrong side of the fabric for all the front and back pieces.
  • Fold each pleat line together, making sure to match up your drawn lines, pin in place
  • Sew the pleats.
  • Lay the pleats away from each other so one points to the side and center of the trousers and pin in place.
  • Add a flattening stitch to secure the pleats in place, 2mm from the pleat seam.
  • Sew the top of the pleats at 0.5cm to secure them
  • Set the pleats by ironing.
  • Repeat step 2-7 for each pattern piece.
sewing instructions

Attach the wide leg pant pocket pieces

  • Overlock the sides and center of the trouser pattern pieces and the pocket pieces.
  • Place the pocket to each trouser pattern piece, right side to right side. Match the notches and the neatened edges. Pin in place.
  • Sew the pocket in place using a 3⁄8in (1cm) seam allowance. Sew just between notches.
  • Open the pocket out and press the seam toward the pocket.
  • Place the back section of the garment to the front, right side to right side. Match the seams together above and below the pocket.
  • Sew a 1cm seam to join the front and back of the garment together. Make sure the seam extends past the pocket stitches before stopping (0.5cm). Iron the side seams open.
  • Sew around the pocket to join the two pieces together. Stop sewing for the pocket at the pocket-to-garment line (side seam of the pants)
  • Press the pocket toward the front of the garment
  • Press on the right side. The pocket opening is discreet.

Prepare for sewing in the zipper

  • With good sides (right sides) together pin and sew the center back seam. Iron the seam open
  • Sew the center front seam, from the notch to the crotch, good sides together, leaving space open for the zipper
  • Iron the seam open
  • Apply interlining on the fly and right fly wrong side(piece 4 and 5)
sewing instructions

Inserting the zipper

  • Fold the left fly (piece 5)in half and overlock the edges
  • Overlock the round edge of the right fly (piece 4)
  • Using the good side of the zip, pin it to the left fly along the overlocked edge. Sew at 0.5 cm the zipper on the left fly (fig. 6)
  • To insert into the trousers, fold the fabric at the zip opening over by 1cm and iron to keep in place
  • Place the fold adjacent to the zipper teeth and pin in place the zipper with the left fly and the left side of the front pants. The zipper may be too long and will extend beyond the top of the fabric.
  • Sew along the foldline using the zipper foot, with a topstitch at 2mm starting at the crotch seam. Sew past the seam line. (fig 7)
  • To attach the zipper to the other side of the trousers, first pin the remaining right fly to the edge of the zip opening fabric with good sides together and sew at 1 cm. (fig 8)
  • Open the fabric so the good side is now facing you. Sew a flattening stitch at 0.5cm
  • Fold the right front along the foldline. Place the foldline over the zipper and pin the foldline to the stitches on the left-hand side.
  • On the inside, pin the zipper tape to the fabric extension.
  • Sew the zipper tape to the fabric along the center of the tape.
  • On the good side, top-stitch around the fly zipper. Start sewing at the center front. Sew a smooth curve. (fig 10)
  • Iron the seam and the press the zip.
sewing instructions

Inner seam and hem

  • Overlock the bottom hem allowance of the trousers.
  • Pin and sew the inner leg seams taking care to meet the bottom of the crotch seam and knee notches, so there are no gaps.
  • Open up the crotch seams when flat to stop the fabric becoming bulky.
  • Iron the seams and overlock
  • Turn the hem up 3cm to the wrong side of the pants. Press in place and sew at 2.8cm.
sewing instructions

Attach the waistband

  • Apply interlining on the waistband pieces
  • Pin the outer waistband pieces together at the side seams, good side to good side. Sew together using a 1 cm seam allowance. Press the seam open
  • Repeat for the inner waistband pieces. Press the seams open and overlock the bottom hem
  • Pin the inner and outer waistband pieces together, good side to good side, along the top concave curve, around the right front flap, and down the left front end.
  • Sew in place using a 1cm seam allowance, starting at the left front end and ending on the right front end
  • Make small snips along the seam allowance to help release tension along the concave seam.
  • Turn the waistband right side out. Press.

sewing instructions

Finish the pants

  • Lay the pants out flat, good side facing. Pin the waistband to the pants's waistline, good side of the outer waistband facing the good side of the skirt, raw edges aligned, and matching side seams and notches
  • Sew in place and press the seam up into the waistband.
  • Pin the unsewn waistline edge of the inner waistband in place at the inside of the waistline. Now turn the trousers the right way round and sew a top stitch on the good side of the waistband at 2mm, starting at the zip, catching the inner waistband and the waist seam allowance in the seam.
  • Make a buttonhole on the left front waistband at the point indicated by the pattern markings. Hand sew your button to the left-hand side of the waistband.

    This is it! Congrats! Your palazzo pattern turned from a simple fabric to a stylish fashion item, that people will stop to ask you about. We're so proud!

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        SPACE - Palazzo Pants Pattern

        SPACE - Palazzo Pants Pattern