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A Circle Skirt Pattern  You'll Practically Want To Live In This Season

A Circle Skirt Pattern You'll Practically Want To Live In This Season

Get swept away in the most romantic floor-length three-quarter circle skirt pattern. Find your flow and make waves with our ultra-comfy skirt sewing pattern! Keep reading for a step-by-step DIY guide that will help you make your own flattering skirt.

What Is a Circle Skirt?

A circular skirt is a type of an A-line skirt that flares out from the waist, giving it a perfect round shape that resembles, well, you guessed it, a circle. A full circle skirt is essentially a large circle of fabric that has an opening in the center for the waist. Not only do circle skirts flatter your figure, they are an extremely popular trend this season.

There are many types of circle skirts, from full circle skirt, half circle skirt to double circle skirt. Our circle skirt pattern is for a three quarter circle skirt with double slit. You can definitely make a circle skirt without a pattern, just using a circle skirt calculator, but why not eliminate a few extra steps and just make life easier with a fully tested pattern that is guaranteed to make the sewing experience more enjoyable.

How To Style And Wear Your Maxi Circle Skirt

Easy and breezy, the Freesia circle skirt sewing pattern is a perfect match to your wardrobe styling, as it is an incredibly versatile fashion item that can be used as part of any outfit. You can wear most casual tops with it, and still look fashionable.

Styling options are practically endless, it just depends on the ocassion or your mood. We created this skirt having a boho appearance in mind, but dont let our vibe stop you wearing your skirt differently.

For example, if you look to create a business casual look that is both polished and feminine, try this combination: for the top, wear a white button-up shirt and slacks

circle skirt pattern

Freesia Maxi Circle Skirt Pattern Overview

This tutorial is promoting a pattern for a circle skirt you can buy from our sewing pattern shop. It features a high waist, invisible zipper on the back and 2 front high slits. Perfect for any lightweight woven fabric. Pull off a stylish look sewing and wearing our unique and adorable high waisted floor length skirt.

This pattern includes step-by-step instructions and a range of illustrations to help you sew the perfect circle skirt. Make your outfits more stylish with this easy sewing project.

You'll have a circle skirt in your wardrobe with your name on it. The circle skirt pattern is easy, quick, and fun to make, and you can start sewing right away. This pattern is an ideal choice for those with begginer sewing skills. A download link to the PDF pattern is sent direct to your inbox.

More of what's inside our circle skirt pattern

  • A printable PDF sewing pattern format (You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to open the PDF files)
  • Understanding the measurement sheet and size chart
  • Assembling the pattern pieces
  • Step by Step Instructions with Illustrations
  • Different sizes you can choose from
  • A4 and Letter format for printing at home
  • A0 for printing at the copy center on A0 paper rolls
  • Projector files for projecting the patterns directly onto the fabric using the home projector

*All files are compressed in the ZIP archive for easy downloading. All sizes have separate files, you only need to print the files that are relevant to you.

How to make a circle skirt

Are you ready to make a new skirt that is effortlessly romantic and chic? Our clear illustrations and easy to follow instructions will take the worry out of turning your sewing pattern into a skirt that is simple yet sophisticated. To start, gather your equipment and supplies.

What You'll Need:

  • Your PDF Freesia PDF sweatpants pattern
  • Fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • 1 invisible zipper 18 cm long
  • fusible interlining for waist band
  • fusible interlining tape for slits (if needed)
  • color matching thread

Seam Allowance:

  • 1 cm seams
  • 1 cm slit hem (double turned)
  • 0.7 cm hem

Suggested fabrics: light weight woven fabrics, such as silk, rayon, chiffon, cotton, linen, etc. The sample is made of rayon

How much fabric do you need for your diy skirt? The table below indicates how much fabric you will need for your size, based on a fabric that is 140-150cm wide. If you want to use a different width or design (like stripes, plaids, etc.), you may need to adjust the placement of the pieces to fit within your available width.

circle skirt pattern fabric requirments

Important! Test your fabric for shrinkage (contraction) before cutting it by ironing the material at its maximum heat recommendation. This will ensure that your finished garment will retain its intended size after initial wash.

How to sew a circle skirt - Sewing Instructions

  • Overlock (or use a zigzag stitch) the center back skirt pattern piece separately and sew the center back seam, right side together, starting from the zipper notch down. Press the seam open. (fig 1)
  • Apply fusible interlining tape on the slits if the fabric is too runny/sheer (you can also use thin sections of interlining).
  • Overlock the side panels sides and the sides of the front piece, from the waist until the slit. Fold up the raw edge of the slit hem once and then fold again(double turned hem 1 cm+1cm). (fig 2)
  • Sew the center front piece with the side panels pieces (piece 1 + piece 2), good sides together, at 1 cm, from the waist until the slit notch. iron the seam open (fig 3)
    circle skirt pattern instructions 1
  • Sew the hem of the slits (already double turned), starting from the hem of the skirt, up till the notch and down to the hem again, on the other side. Iron the slits (fig 4)
  • Overlock the hem of the skirt (or use a zigzag stitch).Turn up the hem 0.7 cm to the wrong side of the fabric. Press in place and sew at 0.5 cm.
  • Apply interlining on the waistband, fold it in half lengthwise and press it . Overlock the bottom edge of the waist band on its inner side. (fig 5)
  • With right sides together sew outer waistband piece to the skirt at 1 cm (aligning bottom edge of the waistband and top edge of the skirt). Press seams up.
  • Place the zipper starting from the middle part of the waistband piece, down to bottom of the opening on the back of the skirt. Mark the waist seam placement on the second zipper side, because they should match when the zipper is closed. Pin the second seam edge to the zipper matching the waist seam with the mark. Starting at the top, stitch down the zipper tape close to the zipper teeth, stopping at the point where the lower center back seam begins. Repeat for the other side of zipper tape. Press the zipper lightly. (fig 6)
    circle skirt pattern sewing instructions 2
  • Sew together the inside of the waistband and the front of the waistband (on the side), making sure to fix the zipper in the middle (hamburger style). Fold the seam up and press. (fig 7)
  • Fold up the waistband seam and pin the inner waistband. Apply a 0.2 cm topstitch along the outer waistband, making sure to include the seam allowance and inner waistband in the seam.(fig 8)
    circle skirt pattern sewing instructions 3

Your sewing project is now complete! You've turned your sewing pattern into an ultra stylish skirt that will be making a refreshing first impression. Great job!

We're just getting started, so visit us again soon.

Browse our full catalog of sewing patterns and other related items to discover a whole range of stylish items. We have a variety of styles for all of your sewing projects! And if you want to get a sense for our pattern quality, you can download our off shoulder top free sewing pattern pattern to see if we are a fit for your expectations.

Also, stay tuned cause we'll update with a sew along circle skirt sewing tutorial soon to make sewing easier.


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