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Breezy and Stylish FREE off the shoulder top pattern that goes with everything

Breezy and Stylish FREE off the shoulder top pattern that goes with everything

Let's be honest, finding the best off the shoulder top pattern to kick start your dressmaking journey can be a serious distress. Even if you are a skilled seamstress, spotting fashionable & flattering easy tops to sew for your next project is not as simple as it sounds. With spring around the corner, your much-needed sartorial upgrade cannot wait any longer. That's why we carefully crafted a worthy addition to our fashion collection of women's blouse patterns - and we are giving it away FOR FREE.

Best off shoulder ruffle blouse candidate: the free Bardot top pattern

woman wearing a white long sleeve shoulderless blouse

There are only a handful of blouse styles that can rival the versatility of a Bardot top. The Bardot neckline is an off the shoulder style that reveals just enough skin to be enticing without going too far. It'll look super chic and classy, guaranteed! It takes its name from an A-list celebrity, Brigitte Bardot, who first made this style popular in the 50s.

Since then, this sweet-style top turned from 'yet another passing fab' to a full-on wardrobe fashion staple. That's why we came up with the perfect free off the shoulder top pattern for 2022 and beyond, so don't miss out on this chance of creating your own version.

Styling your off the shoulder top sewing pattern

woman wearing a printed floral off shoulder top

Amidst the hundreds of women's blouse patterns, off the shoulder tops are arguably the most coveted. You can wear it during your casual city strolls, at a night out with the girls, flaunt it during the next barbecue party, update your festival ensemble or pull off the ultimate boho-chic look. The styling possibilities of this shoulderless blouse pattern are endless.

This blouse is one that suits all body shapes and sizes and can be made again and again in so many different prints and colors. Pair it up with your high-waisted shorts, full-length jeans, tailored trousers, or flowy skirts for a more chic ensemble. It goes perfectly with summer-ready sandals, espadrilles, and loafers. Feminine and effortlessly chic, this off the shoulder ruffle top will force you to pack your closet with a slew of color variations before you know it!

Download our free ruffle top pattern

collage of black and white off shoulder tops

Download your free pattern here

Grab our go-to pattern for all seasons and sew it your way! Just like the rest of our indie patterns, it comes with a detailed PDF guide with step-by-step sewing instructions in English and a video sewing tutorial with easy-to-follow instructions for dressmakers who want just a bit of extra help. From tips on tools and materials to use to the easy-to-use measuring charts; you really can't go wrong. Our long sleeve ruffle blouse is available in 2-14 US (34-46 EU) size range

More of what's inside our diy off the shoulder shirt file:

  • A PDF pattern printable layout
  • Understanding the measurement sheet and choosing your size
  • How to print, prepare and cut your sewing pattern guide
  • Step-By-Step Written Instructions with Illustrations
  • A4, A0, Letter and Projector Format (for copy shop printing)

How to make an off the shoulder top

Let's get familiar with the tools and materials you need to make your off the shoulder top blouse. For this off the shoulder top pattern, we suggest using a light weight woven fabric, such as silk, viscose, chiffon, cotton, linen, etc

Supplies you will need

  • 3 cm wide elastic band for shoulders
  • 1 cm wide elastic band for wrists
  • colour matching thread
  • scissor
  • safety pin

Seam Allowances:

  • 1 cm seam
  • 1.4 cm hem (double turned hem)

Note: Refer to the table below for each size necessary fabric. Take into account that it is estimated for fabrics with an useful width of 140-150 cm. For materials with a different width and a different design (stripes, plaids, etc.) you will need to redo the placement of the patterns on the width of the fabric you intend to use.

off shoulder top fabric requirments table

Important! Before cutting, check the contraction of your chosen fabric. To do this, iron steam the raw material at its maximum heat recommendation. This will ensure that your finished garment will remain true to its sewn size and won't shrink after the first washing

Here's also a quick tip for you: steam pressing your fabric before cutting your pattern piece can make all the difference when you're trying to achieve accurate cuts and perfect fitting seams. Not doing so will lead to wrinkles and folds that may distort the overall appearance of the clothing

If you have a plaid or striped fabric, the garment will look better if the stripes are aligned at the seams.

Getting ready to sew your own blouse!

In case you need a bit of help with the sewing process, our off the shoulder top pattern comes with easy-to-follow instructions to guide you along the way. Let's get to work!

pattern pieces for off shoulder taylor top pattern
  1. Get started by sewing the ruffle pieces on the side (pattern pieces 4+5)
    off shoulder top pattern piece
  2. Overlock the seam and iron. If you don't have an overlock machine, you can sew a zig zag stitch on the edge - apply a zigzag stitch whenever you have to overlock the seam allowance.
  3. Next, sew the ruffle hem with a double turned hem (0.7 cm)
  4. Sew the sides of the chest pieces (fabric pieces 1+3). Iron the seams and overlock
    shoulderless top pattern piece
  5. Then, sew the hem of the blouse, double turned hem 0.7+0.7 cm. iron the hem
  6. Iron the hem of the sleeves 1 cm inwards and then 1.5 cm inwards. Use safety pins to secure the hem for later.
    bardot top pattern piece
  7. Afterwards, sew the side seam of the sleeves (fabric piece 2) , iron and overlock the seam
  8. Sew the hem of the sleeve, leaving 5 cm open to insert the elastic
  9. Check the elastic measurement for your size (written on the pattern) and insert the elastic in the sleeve elastic channel
  10. Sew the underarm seam by placing the bust pieces and the sleeves right side together, taking care to meet the notches. Overlock and press the underarm seam towards the bodice
    off the shoulder blouse pattern piece
  11. Moving on, mount the ruffle to the chest, right side (ruffle) with wrong side (bust), taking care to match the notches. The seam is ironed
    blouse sewing pattern pattern piece
  12. Turn the ruffle on its front and sew an all around stitch at 3 cm
  13. From the gripping seam, another 3 or 3.5 cm is measured and another all around seam is sewn with a straight stitch, leaving free space to insert the elastic
    ruffle blouse pattern piece
  14. Insert the elastic and sew at the ends (elastic measurement on the pattern) Close the stitch.
  15. Iron the garment.

Congrats! We're so proud of you! Your hard work has paid off and now your off the shoulder sewing pattern is an art masterpiece. Go out and share your style with the world!

Artistic Note: If you want the top to be more boho and have a raw edge, you can cut the hem allowance and sew a straight stitch at 0.5 cm to secure the fabric.

Sew with me!

We've also recorded a video sewing tutorial that will walk you through every part of this sewing project in case you find it easier to follow. You can find them on our YouTube channel!

cover page for top pattern sewing instruction video


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