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ISABEL - Coverall Pattern

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Any woman who wants to feel confident and stylish in her outfit will love this figure-flaunting tux coverall pattern. The collard v neckline and long sleeves give the jumpsuit a touch of elegance, while the bottom pant part creates a...


Any woman who wants to feel confident and stylish in her outfit will love this figure-flaunting tux coverall pattern. The collard v neckline and long sleeves give the jumpsuit a touch of elegance, while the bottom pant part creates a slimming effect. This overall is perfect for any woman who wants to make a great impression at her next meeting or presentation. With its sleek silhouette and professional details, our jumpsuit pattern will help you look polished and put together. So don't miss out on this must-have piece for your work wardrobe. Invest in this jumpsuit today and enjoy the confidence that comes with looking your best.

Isabel Coverall Sewing Pattern Overview

From work to party and everything in between, Isabel Tuxedo Style Sewing Jumpsuit is always a great choice! This vintage denim jumpsuit pattern features a non-stretch fabric, collard v-neckline, long sleeves, front pockets, finished with a side front clip on and front zipper closure.

Sewing Level

This coverall jumpsuit pattern is suitable for an advanced sewing enthusiast

Here's A Sneak Peek At What's Inside Our PDF Pattern

  • A printable PDF pattern format (You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to open the PDF files)
  • Measurement sheet and size chart
  • Step-by-step guide on how to cut and sew your pattern
  • Assembling the pattern piece
  • Pattern Instructions with Illustrations
  • A spectrum of sizes to fit every silhouette, from 2-14 (US) / 34-46 (EU)
  • A4 and Letter format for printing at home
  • A0 for printing at the copy center on A0 paper rolls
  • Projector files for projecting the patterns directly onto the fabric using the home projector

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Sewing Your Perfect Size Pattern

Fashion at its finest, this jumpsuit pattern will have you looking flawless from head to toe. So don't wait - Get yours sewn today!

You'll need:

  • Your romper sewing pattern
  • Preferred fabric
  • Color matching thread
  • 4 snaps
  • 1 normal zipper (16 cm size 34-40 / 17 cm size 42-46)
  • 3.5 cm wide elastic
  • interlining
  • 30 cm lining for pockets
  • Sewing machine

Seam Allowances

  • 2.5 cm double turn - hem
  • 1 cm seam

Fabric Suggestion:

medium weight woven fabric such as denim, muslin, chambray, tercot, cotton twill, linen, corduroy

How much fabric do you need for your diy coverall pattern?

How much fabric you need depends on the fabric width. In the following table, sizes and fabric quantities are calculated based on a fabric width of 140-150cm. The placement of the pieces may need to be adjusted if your fabric has a different width or design (such as stripes, plaids, etc.).

fabric requirments for coverall pattern

Check your contraction!

Shrinkage refers to the amount that a piece of fabric changes in length or width during laundering. You need to know how much a fabric is liable to shrink before cutting your pieces. For this purpose, iron steam the raw material at its maximum recommended temperature. Otherwise, if a fabric shrinks after it has been cut or sewn, the finished garment will be misshapen. In some cases, seams might pucker. A garment's hang will also be affected.

How To Sew It

Sewing A Stylish Coverall Pattern - Instructions

  • Take the collars, flaps, slits, facings and cuffs and interline them.
  • Take the pieces of the collar and sew them, good sides together. Turn the seam and iron to form the final collar and give a topstitch at 0.5 cm. Sew a seam on the line of the neckline, at 0.5 cm, taking care to form the surplus at the front of the collar
  • The same is done with the flaps
  • Take the pieces of the chest pocket and overlock at the top then form the folds and iron. The top is bent inwards 2 cm and a topstitch is given at 1.8 cm. Then bend the rest of the sides 1.5 cm inwards and iron to form the final pocket.
  • Apply the pockets and flaps on the chest, according to the markings on the pattern
  • On the front, gather between the 2 T-notches so that they fit in length with the notches on the waistband.
  • Place the front bodice over the back bodice (good sides together) and sew the shoulder seam. Overlock the seam and iron. Catch the seam in a topstitch at 0.5 cm
  • Sew the side seams, overlock the seam allowance and iron the seam.
  • Sew the front and back facings along the shoulder line and iron the seam. The final facing is then overlocked on the outer side, all around
  • Sew the facing on the neckline, placing the facing on the chest, good sides together and adding the collar in between. Start sewing from the hem of the facing, continue sewing in the neckline, catching the collar in the seam and end with sewing the other facing to the hem.
  • Cut narrow the seam allowance, iron the seam, turn it over and apply a topstitch at 0.5 cm
  • Form the folds at the sides of the pants according to the instructions on the patterns and sew on a length of 5 cm ( waist seam allowance included ) then give a narrow topstitch on the good side at 0.1 cm
  • Take the pants pocket pieces and sew them, good sides together. Overlock the seams and iron
  • On the opening of the pocket of the front pants, apply a strip of reinforcing thread so that it does not stretch. Place the pocket and sew at 1 cm, good sides together. Turn the pocket over, iron it and topstitch it to 0.5 cm
  • 1. Overlock the crotch area of the front pants and sew at 1cm until the zipper notch. Iron the seam open
  • Form the slits and apply the zipper
  • Take the back pieces of the pants and sew them, good sides together, on the center back. Overlock and iron the seam
  • Sew the side seam of the pants, good sides together, overlock the seam allowance and iron
  • Form the hem, bending 2 times according to the pattern and sew a topstitch at 1.8 cm
  • Sew the inner seam of the pants, overlock and iron.
  • Take the waistband parts and the inner waistband is overlocked on the lower part
  • Sew the pieces of waistband at the top, face to face, holding the bodice inside, placed according to the notches. Iron the seam open. Sew the sides of the waistband and turn the seam and iron. Sew a topstitch on top at 0.2 cm. Sew an elastic at the back part, 3 cm smaller than the pattern
  • Sew the pants on the bottom of the outer cord. Then, with a topstitch at 0.2 cm, the inner part of the cord is attached.
  • Apply the metal snap to the waistband, or sew a buttonhole and sew the button on the other part of the waistband
  • Take the sleeve pieces and overlock the slit line. Then sew from the top to the slit notch and iron. The slit is then formed and a topstitch is sewed around the slit at 0.5 cm
  • Then sew the side seam of the sleeve, overlock and iron
  • The cuff is folded in half lengthwise (good sides together). Iron the cuffs 1 cm inwards at the top. Sew on 3 sides. Then turn the cuffs inside out and iron to form the final cuff. Then apply them on the sleeves.
  • Sew the sleeves in the armhole, taking care to match the notches in the meeting. Overlock the seam allowance and iron the seam
  • Put the staples on the cuffs, on the waistband and on the upper part of the bodice according to the markings on the patterns (or make buttonholes and sew buttons if you don't want snaps)

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Size chart

Terms of use

This digital pattern is for personal use only. No part of the pattern can be shared, reproduced, or resold in any format. Thank you so much!

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ISABEL - Coverall Pattern

ISABEL - Coverall Pattern